Nohlab (TR)
Prima Materia

A stereoscopic audiovisual journey of the primitive formless base of all matter, Prima Materia. Prima Materia, as the first element, the ubiquitous starting material required for the alchemical processes, reveals transmutations of our times. Alchemistic authors have compared the “Prima Materia” to everything, to male and female, to the hermaphroditic creature, to heaven and earth, to body and spirit, chaos, microcosm, and the confused mass; it contains in itself all colors and potentially all metals; there is nothing more wonderful in the world, for it begets itself, conceives itself, and gives birth to itself. In this journey, that pure matter, existing in nature, is converted to other imperfect bodies that it interacts with, and this way is rediscovered and brought to the front by art and technology. The matter of all forms creates various transmutations, form and color changes in 3D. All these are used as a model for the individuation process, and as a device in art and technology.