Art Festival

REFLEKTOR makes art accessible to everyone

Set in public parks, indoor venues, old industrial halls and other unique locations, Reflektor is a light art festival that invites the public to venture into the darkness to explore the transition of mundane everyday spaces into dreamlike experiences.

Reflektor takes place in several different locations during a three-week period. The festival presents light, sound and video art by artists from Finland and abroad.

The festival is free of charge and open to everyone.


Reflektor is a light art festival born out of the passion and curiosity of its creators. Reflektor thrives in the dark, lives from the urge of making and the desire to craft unique experiences and spaces for everyone to enjoy.

The festival has been organized yearly since 2018 as a nomadic event not tied to places or locations. Reflektor wants to provide space and visibility for surprising, high quality light art with a vision.