Reflektor ry projects

Muksut mäppää

Muksut Mäppää is a community art project promoting social inclusion for primary school children at Reflektor festivals. At its core is enabling children to make art and experience their own art. Reflektor wants to show socially disadvantaged children that they have the right to influence the urban space and make their voices heard in society.

The Muksut Mäppää community project, which was held in 2022 in Malmi and in Kerava in 2024, will invite children from the neighbourhood of Reflektor to become artists at the festival and use projection mapping to project their work into an urban space the size of a building. The project will engage children in a conversation about their participation and right to a shared urban space, and give them a way to make it look like themselves. Working in schools equates the accessibility of the work, especially for socially vulnerable children, and underlines the right of everyone to have a voice in public space.

The aim of the project is to explore how children are affected by making and seeing the work. A report on the project will be submitted in early 2025.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Central Union for Child Welfare. The specific expertise of the Central Union for Child Welfare will provide the project with a broad experience base in working with children of different ages and backgrounds and in ethical participation.


Metsä korvien välissä

Metsä korvien välissä – “Forest between ears” is a series of three collaborative audio works for young people aged 18-29 with mental health challenges. The project will be implemented nationwide as part of the 2024-2025 Reflektor festivals.

The Forest between ears is a series of collaborative sound art works in which three Finnish sound artists will each create a commissioned work in nature together with young people with mental health challenges. The sound works around Finland invite people to reflect on the connections between nature and mental health, hopefulness, multiculturalism and mental health stigmas. 

The project is carried out in cooperation with The Finnish Central Association for Mental Health.

The Forest between ears project is inspired by The Finnish Central Association for Mental Health Skutsi kuulee -project, which supports the building of a positive relationship with nature and strengthens the holistic well-being of young people aged 18-29 through nature-based activities. We want to build on the knowledge and expertise already accumulated in the Skutsi kuulee -project and in other nature-based mental health work of the association, and explore how it could be further accumulated through art. 

Around the project, a study will be carried out on the impact of making art and experiencing one’s own voice on the participants, and a report on the study will be published in early 2025.

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