Lyhtypuisto / Lantern Park

The Lyhtypuisto concept, developed by Sun Effects, is originally a project implemented with art students and art professionals. Since then, the idea has been carried out with schools and kindergartens, among others. Over the years, various groups of artists and students have participated in it, such as Fiskars-based artist and crafter collective Onoma (Fiskars Tuli ja Valo, 2015), startup event Slush volunteers, several Kuusamo schools (Polar Night Light, 2018–2019) and Baltic Circle theater festival staff (Lux Helsinki 2019).Lyhtypuisto has been part of Lux Helsinki (2012–2020) and has also been on display at St. Petersburg’s Hatchina Light Art Festival (2018). 15 artists and 10 art coaches participated in making the lanterns in this park as part of Autism Foundation Finland’s art activities.