Reflektor is a festival of audiovisual art, which is free of charge and open to everyone. The festival presents light, audio, and video artworks by artists from Finland and abroad.


Reflektor Vantaa, the main event, will be taking place in Martinlaakso and Korso 28.9.-1.10. The event in Martinlaakso is an approximately two-kilometre-long exhibition route. The starting point of the route is located in Ruskokuja and it ends at Cultural House Martinus. You can find the event map by clicking Vantaa in the menu above. 

In addition to the route, Lumosali, in Korso, is part of the main event and open to the public 28.9.–1.10. The distance from Lumosali to the route in Martinlaakso is approximately 20 km and accessible with public transport.

Two satellite events will be held in Helsinki and Sotkamo. Reflektor Presents: Malmi Maps will be located in Malmi, Helsinki. Reflektor Sotkamo Presents will be held in Sotkamo in October.


The main event, Reflektor Vantaa, will be taking place 28.9.–1.10. Opening hours for the exhibition route in Martinlaakso, including Cultural House Martinus, are from 18:00 to 22:00. 

Opening hours for Lumosali, in Korso, are from 17:00 to 22:00.

The satellite event in Malmi, Helsinki, will be taking place during the main event, 28.9.-1.10. Opening hours are from 18:00 to 22:00.

The satellite event in Sotkamo will be on 12.10.–15.10.


The exhibition route in Martinlaakso is not fully accessible but an accessible route is available. The path between works 5 and 6 has a steep ascent. If you would like to use the accessible route, please turn around at work 5 and follow the dashed line in the map to work number 6.   

A Reflektor kiosk coffee shop is located approximately halfway between the 2 km route. Portable restrooms are located in close proximity to the kiosk. Accessible restrooms can be found at Cultural House Martinus.  

Lumosali accessibility:

Cultural House Martinus accessibility:

Texts at the event will be in Finnish ad English.

Guide and assistance dogs are allowed at the event.

Getting there

As an environmentally friendly event, we recommend using public transportation, walking or bicycling to the events, if possible. You may find the route to our venues and up-to-date schedules for public transportation at


The main event, Reflektor Vantaa in Martinlaakso can be easily reached by bus or train. The accessible exhibition route begins by the Martinlaakso train station. Trains I and P come to this station, which has raised platforms and accessible entry onto low-floor trains. A bus station is located next to the train station. The first artwork of the route can be found at Laajaniityntie 3, Vantaa.


Reflektor Vantaa: Lumosali is located next to the Korso train station, which can be reached with trains K and T. The station has raised platforms and accessible entry onto low-floor trains. Busses 731, 753 and 631 run past the train station. Lumosali’s address is Urpiaisentie 14, Vantaa.


Reflektor Presents: Malmi Maps will be happening at the Malmi Post Office, which is located 200 metres from the Malmi train station. You can reach this station with trains I, K, P and T. The station has raised platforms and accessible entry onto low-floor trains.