Ainu Palmu

I restrict your freedom (I hope I’ll notice it soon).

Free by Ainu Palmu draws from Isaiah Berlin’s concept of positive and negative freedom and freedom’s shifting definition. Berlin defined positive freedom as the freedom to do something and negative freedom as the space where a person is free from interference. Later, philosopher Charles Taylor added to the concept that negative freedom means opportunity and positive freedom means human agency. When a politically neutral definition of freedom was needed arguments describing freedom in the following form: X’s freedom from Y to Z.

Our own norms define the variables of freedom.

Ainu Palmu creates light art and designs light. She reaches out about the things building up in her mind, knowing that the viewer will have a different set of ideas – and has accepted this.

Palmu enjoys making light for contemporary circus and contemporary dance performances. She has been a freelancer for the duration of her near 20-year-career as a light designer. Her own group Reflectros has made two creations as well as the Sidekicks group, a group very dear to her. She also creates and improvises light for Stella Polaris group’s music and improv theatre. 

For Palmu equality, respect, and compassion are important in work as well as outside of work, in the relation to society and the rest of the biosphere.