Sun Effects
– Analogue Projections

Reflektor Kauniainen 2021, Analogue Projections by Petra Martinez – Sidetrack secrets

Analogue Projections is a series curated by the Sun Effects collective, that features various artists creating temporary projection works in unexpected places. At the Kerava 100 Special event, the latest part of the series will be showcased as the only piece executed indoors. Visual designer Julia Jäntti along with visual artists Ilari Vanhatalo and Petra Martinez utilize vintage overhead projectors, previously used in education, as a medium for expression, creating a unique visual surface in the basement of the old Anttila department store.

Julia Jäntti
Circular Serenity: A Kaleidoscope
Circular Serenity examines the concept of serenity through and breaking the geometric structure of the circle. The piece, where the circular form interacts with themes of continuity, cycle, and balance, spans the realms of visual art, kinetic art, and projection art.

Master of Arts Julia Jäntti has a keen interest in installation art. Jäntti is enthusiastic about interdisciplinary and polyphonic stages, where she can challenge her artistic thinking. Her interest in serendipity is evident in her work processes, serving as practical tools to generate visual material. Her chaos-exploring light art piece “Chaos Pendulum” has been featured in several exhibitions.

Ilari Vanhatalo
The Comfort of Nature – Natural Hi
Inspiration arises from found objects in garbage, aiming to restore nature’s spiritual biomass back to the environment. The work is a reaction against the diminishing appreciation of nature, which perpetuates and feeds its mistreatment. The piece is created using recycled and dumpster-dived transparent materials.

Petra Martinez

Petra Martinez is a mobile artist and craftswoman whose often site-specific and
process-oriented works wander in the backyards of emotions and wastelands of memories. Her work is intuitive and experimental, combining different materials and media. She has a Master of Arts degree from Aalto University Visual Culture and Contemporary Art program and a visual artist degree from the Art School Maa. She is interested in the exploration of identities and building identities and communities, learning by doing, social behaviour, nature relations, unstable spaces and forests.

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