SAV Taidekollektiivi

Covering the walls of the railroad bridge crossing over Martinlaaksontie is the playful work Martians by SAV Artist Collective. Spreading across multiple wall surfaces, the mural artwork presents impressions of future “Martsari” by three SAV artists. 

“The term Martians typically refers to inhabitants of Martinlaakso that are similar to humans in terms of having such things as language and civilization, though it is also occasionally used to refer to extraterrestrials in general.”

SAV Artist Collective consists of a group of professional artists: Jesse Pasanen, Maikki Rantala, Essi Ruuskanen and Jenni Väisänen. SAV strives for and produces resident-driven, communal, and professional art projects. The group is specialized in mural art, placemaking, and collaborative projects, which can involve entire neighbourhoods. SAV was formed ten years ago in Martinlaakso and has since then produced commissioned artworks all over Finland. However, a long-term commitment to working in Vantaa is at the core of their practice.