Saana Volanen
– certain light

No thoughts can reach the light, that distant light, which nonetheless reaches me.

Light moves through different lenses and on their surfaces. The lenses refract, shape, and direct the light so that its nature changes. The work was born out of an interest in cosmic scales and optics, which have made it possible to observe and capture outer space.

Saana Volanen is an artist, lighting designer, and scenographer who works in the fields of performing arts and light art. In recent years, Volanen has been interested in the intertwining of time and space in concepts and experiences. She is keen on words like landscape, site sensitivity, and immersion. Volanen’s light art is inspired by moments where she is taken aback by cosmic light in her daily life.

Volanen has graduated with a BA in Design for the Performing Arts from Aalto University and is currently studying lighting design in a master’s program at University of Arts Helsinki.