Jere Suontausta
ja Antti Hevosmaa

– Musta olemus

Jere Suontausta and Antti Hevosmaa‘s work Musta olemus (Black Essence) dances self-sufficiently in aerospace. Its hypnotic movement impacts the viewer’s perception of passing time and pauses a restless mind. The work studies the connection and contrast of static and dynamic material.

Jere Suontausta (b.1994) is a multisensory artist based in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. Intuition plays a major role in his working process. Echos of introverted dreams, the cosmic wanderlust of the subconscious, and the magic of kinetics are present in his work. Suontausta’s artistic goal is to touch the otherworldly by combining the familiar and unknown in a peculiar manner.

Antti Hevosmaa (b. 1991) is a designer and musician working in Kouvola and Helsinki. Generally known as the soloist in the band VIRTA, Hevosmaa has recently worked with kinetic spatial elements using the alias Koje.