Kalle Mustonen
Monkey and a Machine

Monkey and a Machine is an installation, an automaton, a clockwork. It is a sound system and a meditative space. The monochromatic warm yellow light separates the exhibition space from the cold autumn light. In my imagination, in my dreams, there is a space where time is repetitive. In Twin Peaks, there is the Black Lodge, a space with checkered floor and thick red velvet curtains. Reality is reflected on the scene of dreams. In the dream space, one seeks answers that are revealed as small clues. The key to interpreting our time lies in the postindustrial human spiral, zoonoses, wildfires that turn the sky orange, and in our responsibility for all of this. A sequence is a temporal series of events. In a modular synthesizer, the pulses of the control voltage trigger series of events that overlap each other to create a system. Simple series of events, cause and effect chains transform the static installation through sound and motion. The viewer’s presence and interpretation will transform the event into a cinematic scene.