REFLEKTOR Helsinki is a new type of light art event in search of emotional truths, quiet contemplations and daring expressions of Nordic light art.

Set in a hidden gem in the outskirts of Helsinki REFLEKTOR challenges the public to venture into the dark for a slow recovery from the city hassle to explore the intimate isolation of the islet of Kivinokka during the dark hours

During 3 nights on Sept 28–30 the remote darkness of Kivinokka is being reshaped into a poetic landscape of gleaming lights. Indulge yourself in the solitude of the vibrant landscape while uncovering light art installations exhibited along towering birch trees, dense thickets and rocky shorelines with flickering glimpses of the Helsinki City skyline in the background.



REFLEKTOR Helsinki is the story of a group of dedicated Nordic light geeks and explorers from Denmark and Finland coming together to explore the emotional truths and daring artistic expressions and boundaries of Nordic Light Art. The outcome is this debut of REFLEKTOR Helsinki, an event consisting of carefully curated light art experiences that call for new sensibilities towards light and darkness.

REFLEKTOR Helsinki is curated by Matti Jykylä from the Finnish light art collective Sun Effects, Tarja Ervasti from The Finnish Light Art Society FLASH and Christina Dvinge, co-founder of the Danish light art festival REFLEKTOR Light Festival and founder of Danish light lab, Kaleidoskop. It is produced by Sun Effects.

The Finnish Light Art Society FLASH was established in 2017 to promote Finnish light art and artists & designers in Finland and internationally. The association organizes exhibitions, education and other events, informs about important issues and takes a stand on topics related to the field of light art.

Sun Effects  is a Helsinki-based event design and production company founded in 1996. Company’s focus is on bringing out-of-the-box visual design and execution to large audiences. Sun Effects is known as the design and production company of LUX Helsinki light art festival and Slush, the biggest startup event in Europe.


Kivinokka is a popular public recreational area in the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area of Helsinki. Kivinokka boasts beaches, a nature trail, ancient woodlands, a summer café, a mansion house, summer huts and an allotment garden.

During the 3 nights 28–30 September the remote darkness of Kivinokka is being reshaped into a poetic landscape of gleaming lights. All the festival art works are situated on a route in Kivinokka that is signed and marked. During the event Kivinokka is open for the visitors 24/7 but the festival’s art works are on every day from 6 PM to 11 PM.

The festival area is best reached by public transportation: metro to Kulosaari and bus (e.g. buses no 58, 551, 81). There is also limited amount of parking space close to Kulosaari mansion but we encourage the audience to arrive by bus, metro or foot.

The route is on a nature trail surrounded by forest so please note that the ground can be challenging. Mind also your step as it gets dark after sunset. There are toilets and some coffee service on the route. We warmly welcome dogs and cats and other pets to the event but please keep them on a leash.









Sun Effects Oy, Pulttitie 7, 00880 Helsinki