With this contemplative sculpture named L’ETOILE (The Star), Simon Chevalier and Lucile Cassassolles sets out to bring to Finland that bright spot which have inspired science-fiction, religion, clairvoyance and astronomy for decades.

In contrast to a world saturated with fast, colorful, and loud solicitations to spectators, the duo of artists choose to present simple, static, black and white art pieces. They create large-scale, repetitive geometric shapes to build sober and precise graphic sculptures.

The two artists are dreaming of a calmer, quieter and cleaner future. They think light has and will always be a guide in the history of mankind. With the sculpture L’ETOILE they try to recreate this primary and fundamental scenery of light which have formed a discreet backdrop since the beginning of time, since man first stared in wonderment at the night sky.

avec le soutien de l’Institut français de Finlande / With the support of the Institut Français de Finlande

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