Janne Ahola

Single-channel video projection, 1 min 40 seconds

Internet has become an essential part of contemporary life and a “place” where people use up a majority of their time, often without noticing. Responsibilities and free-time activities direct action, however, the boarder between play and work has become obscure.
Counterparts highlights this rapidly dissolving boarder between the physical and virtual realms. The installation is made up of two patterns, which move smoothy, almost weightlessly, as they slide on the wall in a synchronized rhythm. With light and shadow the dance-like movement creates cracks in the heavy wall.

Janne Ahola (b. 1984) is a designer and video artist from Helsinki. He has worked extensively in the field of digital art. Over the past decade Ahola has realized numerous works relying on projection mapping techniques. Recently, his work has concentrated on exploring the fusion of traditional painting techniques with video and animation. Ahola has exhibited in Finland and abroad.