Ultraviolet Gallery artists & artworks:

Pia Iiramo – Corona buddies
After coronavirus isolated the whole world into exceptional circumstances, the meaning of close ones and good friends stood out. While corona has caused misery and chaos, it has also brought people closer to each other and stopped us to think who make our life worth of surviving and sometimes even pleasant although we´re living in the middle of crisis. This piece is a tribute to those important persons who make life easier just by existing.

Juha Lahtinen – Deep End 360°
‘Deep End 360°’ is a study on form and color. How many times can the same shape be used in different ways within the same shape.

Roope Huhtinen – Making Of…
Roope Huhtinen is a 16 years old up-and-coming graffiti artist. His work was chosen to the festival line-up from an art contest held by City of Vantaa. While painting the artwork from a sketch to final piece, Roope got support from his seasoned graffiti colleague Pete “Hende” Nieminen.

Photo by Juha Lahtinen (artwork: Electro)