“The surroundings of Kivinokka offer a few basic characteristics and qualities that has inspired me and to me are fundamental to hold on to in today’s society: silence, slowness, homeliness and a feeling of time standing still. In ‘Timegaze’ these qualities all come together in a temporary space, built on top of the foundation of one of Kivinokka’s old huts. The space becomes somewhat ritualistic in its appearance, with the light installation as a centerpiece – a symbolic object that you are invited to gaze at, to contemplate, for as long as you want.”

Sofia Ivarsson is a Copenhagen-based lighting designer. In her work she explores light as an ever-changing, responsive and contextual material that always exists in relation to what it reveals. Sofia has a background in stage lighting and communication design.

Picture of the art work: Kerttu Penttilä

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